How to Collect the BTCH Airdrop

by Tamsin Thorn

The first thing you need to know is that you need your private key from your Hush wallet. You will use that key in the Agama wallet to unlock your BTCH airdrop. If you do not have your private key you cannot receive your airdrop. Your private key is in Wallet Import Format (WIF) and looks like this:


The actual WIF is the first part of that first line. It starts with ‘KwN’. That is the WIF for the transparent address (taddr) listed, which starts with ‘t1UM’. This example shows two WIFs and their associated taddrs.

Once you have your WIF, download and install the Agama wallet from Komodo. We recommend you always verify the checksum.

Start by clicking ‘Activate Coin’. (You can also select BTCH from the Lite menu if you want.)


Choose BTCH from the drop down menu. select_coin

Select ‘lite’ mode and click ‘Activate Coin’. select_lite

Input your WIF and click the ‘Sign In’ button. input_WIF

How to see Hush

Hush isn’t on by default in Agama. Go to ‘Enable Experimental Features’ in ‘Wallet Settings’ and toggle it ON. experimental_settings

Now you should be able to add Hush to your Agama wallet. add_hush